Stationery and drawing instruments


A wide range of office pens with different types, thicknesses and colours of ink. The range includes pens with the traditional transparent casing, but also those with more ergonomic shapes or with casing made of soft and comfortable to use material. The range also includes pens on a spring or chain, as well as refills for pens.


Fineliners sets in eco-friendly cardboard boxes with a 4mm thin F tip. Available in sets of 4, 6 or 10 colours, in traditional, pastel or neon variants. With triangular case for a comfortable hold.

Permanent markers

Designed to permanently mark many surfaces, for example, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic or wood. Wide range of tip sizes from 0.3mm to 4mm. Round or cut-off tips available. Markers are fitted with a ventilated plug in accordance with ISO 11540:1993.

Paint markers

Resistant to very high and very low temperatures. Heavily pigmented, fast-drying ink for permanent marking and decorating on metal, wood, plastic, glass, cardboard, etc. Markers available in two tip thicknesses: 1-1.5 mm or 2-4 mm.


Designed to highlight the most important information or notes. With water-based ink that does not show through to the other side of the paper. Available in neon or pastel colours. With truncated tip and writing thickness of 1-5 mm.

Automatic pencil

With a rounded black barrel. With HB graphite hardness and 0.5mm writing line thickness. With a built-in eraser.

Drawing instruments

A wide range of drawing instruments - rulers, set squares, protractors, templates for circles and drawing sets. The tools have precise, indelible graduations and the plastic of which they are made is shatterproof.


Sturdy circulars in various set configurations. With adjustable graphite angle, easy-to-use graphite exchange system and a circle diameter of up to 36 cm (depending on the model). Ideal for school use, but also for the office. Also available in the range of graphites for circulars.


Made from TPR thermoplastic rubber (PVC-free) in white. Soft, erasing pencil well from a variety of surfaces.

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