Flipcharts and stands


A solution for those who value mobility and efficiency of spatial layout during presentations. Flipcharts are suitable for both small and larger rooms. Our offer includes flipcharts with a magnetic dry-wipe surface and glass flipcharts. The products come with the B mark (safety during assembly and use). 


  •  AQUA tripod flipchart - 68 x 105 x h180
  •  IGNIS mobile flipchart - 68 x 105 x h220
  •  TERRA mobile flipchart - 68 x 105 x h220
  •  ECO tripod flipchart - 60 x 90 x h176
  •  BASIC tripod flipchart - 70 x 100 x h180
  •  Flipchart 3in1 PROFESSIONAL - 69 x 108 x h185
  •  Glass flipchart on tripod - 70 x 100 x h180
  •  Mobile glass flipchart - 70 x 100 x h180

Moderation boards

Double-sided whiteboards with a large working area. With a stable steel frame and anodised aluminium frame. Available in several surface options: cork, dry wipe magnetic and felt. 

Size: 120 x 150 x h189

Rotated and mobile boards

Mobile, rotating, double-sided whiteboards. Equipped with a mechanism to lock the board in one position when rotating and lockable castors, which ensures the boards stability. The standard offer includes a magnetic dry-wipe surface, but depending on the model it is possible to order a different surface. 

Sizes range from 120 x 90 x h180 cm to 180 x 120 x h195 cm (depending on the model).

Projection screens

With a surface of durable Matt White projection fabric, which provides the right reflectance and viewing angle. Screen substrate made of polyester material covered on the back side with black non-transparent plastic coating. Wall/ceiling or tripod screens available. Secure storage of the screens is made possible by robust steel cassettes. 


  •  wall/ceiling mounted from 150 x 150 cm to 240 x 240 cm
  •  on a tripod from 150 x 150 x h247 cm to 200 x 200 cm

Leaflet stands

With an aluminium frame for presenting information in the form of leaflets. The frame is equipped with a snap-in system, making it very easy to replace the contents. The stand is made of steel. 


  •  21 x 29.7 (A4) x h100 cm
  •  29,7 x 42 (A3) x h131 cm

Poster stands

Double-sided stands for presenting information in the form of posters. Frame with snap system and clear plexiglass to protect contents. Stand spacing adjustable by hinges. 

Dimensions: 50 x 70 x h106 cm.

Chalk stands

Double-sided chalk stands with an HDF surface coated with matt black paint. With a natural wood frame. Writing on the surface is possible with chalk or chalk markers. Adjustable spacing level possible. Product with B (safety during installation and use) mark.


  •  57 x 77 x h91 cm
  •  67 x 127 x h143 cm

Outdoor easel

Solid and stable construction made of lightweight coniferous wood material. Thanks to the folding function, the easel can be transported easily. The adjustable height and angle of the easel, as well as the height-adjustable handle with pressure on the painting canvas, allow for comfortable height adjustment for standing or sitting work. The easel has a wooden shelf. 

Dimensions: 57.5 x h176.5 cm

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