Whiteboard accessories


Self-adhesive flipchart blocks. Sheets with fine dot printing and rounded corners with a weight of 80 g/m2. Thanks to the high-quality, gentle adhesive, it is possible to reposition the sheets repeatedly on smooth and flat surfaces. The blocks take the form of a lightweight folder with a handle, making them convenient to carry. They are equipped with holes that allow the block to be hung on a flipchart.

Variants and dimensions:

  • 50 pcs, sheets measuring 70 x 42 cm
  • 125 pcs, sheets with dimensions: 70x42 cm - 25 pcs, 42x34.5 cm - 25 pcs, 34.5x20.5 cm - 25 pcs, 17x20.5 cm - 50 pcs.

Pads for flipcharts

With 20 smooth, snow-white pages. High-quality 70 g/m2 paper. Blocks for MemoBe flipcharts. 

Dimensions: 65 x 100 cm

Markers for dry-erase boards

A wide range of markers designed for writing on dry-erase boards. Various colour variations and tip thicknesses. With round or cut-off tips. The ink of the markers is characterized by a very delicate fragrance. Also, thanks to their alcohol-based composition, they wash off easily with a sponge or cloth.

Chalkboard markers and chalk

Writing tools designed for writing on chalkboards, magnetic boards, glass boards and plexi boards.

Chalk markers with water-based ink are available in four vivid colours - orange, yellow, green and white. An even and smooth writing line is ensured in them by the ink embossing system to the tip. The tip is 2-3 mm thick. 

MemoBe also offers white and coloured whiteboard chalk with a 9.5 mm cross section.

Whiteboard accessory kits

Containing the products you need to use and care for dry erase boards. Perfect for getting started on your dry erase board adventure.

Whiteboard cleaning accessories

Sponges, liquids and wipes for cleaning dry erase boards. Effective and streak-free.


In plastic casing and several colour variants for magnetic boards and neodymium silver for glass boards.

Whiteboard shelves and marker holders

Attached to the whiteboard with magnetic strips. Made of plastic. 


  •  shelf - 17 cm
  •  Marker holder - 75 x 105 x 20 cm

Whiteboard tapes

Helpful for creating tables or graphics on dry erase boards. Self-adhesive and magnetic tapes available. 


  •  self-adhesive tapes: 3 mm x 15.5 m or 6 mm x 10 m
  •  Magnetic tape: 10 mm x 5 m


Barrel pins with plastic head for pinning printed material to cork, felt or foam boards. Pin length - 7 mm. Colour variants: colour mix (50 pcs) or red/blue/white mix (30 pcs).

Wheels for moderation boards

Equipped with a locking device to make the boards easy to use. Thanks to the built-in metal screws, their assembly to the board is very simple.

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