discover yourself

Each of us has some talents. With a little willingness you can get to know them, develop them and turn them into your asset. Dare to take this first step, look inside yourself and … act!

don’t be afraid of mistakes

Only those, who do nothing are not mistaken. We encourage you to act. Try, test, practice, make mistakes – it’s natural on the way to improving yourself! Through our products we support you in these attempts, because we believe that you will succeed.

challenge yourself

Do you think you have already reached the peak of your abilities? We are convinced that borders do not exist! Try to succeed, overcome your barriers, see that each subsequent attempt is more successful than the previous one. After all, training makes perfect.

About Us

Memoboards turns into MemoBe

Until yesterday - Memoboards, today – MemoBe. It's not just that we encourage you to act, to be brave and to cross your borders. We also challenge ourselves and focus on continuous development, because we also have undiscovered potential. We are expanding our horizons and competences, and parallelly - our offer. MemoBe is no longer just boards. We want to provide you with products that will facilitate your communication with both loved ones and with business partners. These are tools that support you in developing yourself, your interests, passions, but also your business. It is important that the means you use do not constitute any further restrictions for you, but are the support and motivation.MemoBe is not just a new logo, a new name. MemoBe is a kind of manifesto, a call to action to discover yourself, to overcome barriers, to enjoy the action.
Our promise:

We provide you with high quality tools so that you can absolutely even ... make the mistakes. Face yourself, not the product.


100% natural cork

Made in Poland

Certificate Institute of Certification COBRABID-BBC

Our values

The focus is on you and your challenges!


Jesteśmy firmą europejską i stawiamy na lokalną produkcję

Polish production


Jesteśmy wyrozumiali i akceptujemy Cię takiego, jakim jesteś


Warto wyróżniać się wśród konkurencji, szczególnie pozytywnymi cechami


great things have small beginnings, and in our case it all began with the launch of the production of cork pads and cork accessories for home use
production of cork boards begins (and they are still a bestseller to this day!)
production expansion by boards with magnetic dry-wipe and chalk surfaces
the birth of the Memoboards brand, under which the entire company and all products are concentrated
relocation of the production plant and warehouses to a new larger building
Amex Stationery sp.z o.o. becomes the sole distributor of Memoboards products as well as the owner of the entire company
opening of the new Memoboards headquarters together with a modern production plant and subsequent relocations
annual production of boards exceeds 500,000 pcs
the star is born – MemoBe enters the market



Tablice naścienne


Prezentacja dokumentów, zdjęć i plakatów


Flipcharty i stojaki


Akcesoria do tablic


Przybory piśmienne i kreślarskie

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