Office accessories

Correction accessories

Precise, consistent and solid opacity. In pen, tape or brush form.


With an ergonomic shape and in many sizes. Suitable for use at home, school or the office. The scissors have well-shaped blades, which guarantees comfortable paper cutting. Envelope cutters are also available.

Glue sticks

PVC-based with a delicate fragrance. Stick adhesives in screw-on stick form, available in three capacities - 9g, 21g and 36g. Ideal for home and school applications.

Adhesive tapes

Various types of adhesive tapes - transparent or brown. In a wide range of thicknesses - from 12 mm to 48 mm.

Staplers, punches and tape dispensers

The Soft-Touch collection of office tools in soft, comfortable cases and fashionable colours. Aesthetically pleasing, functional and an essential accessory for every office. Available in pink, blue, pastel blue, mint and black.

Stapler remover

With black plastic handle with a metal mechanism. Does not damage the sheets to be stapled. Staples are also available.

Office paper clips

In a wide range of colours - from classic silver, neon and pastel to patterned clips. Available in various capacity options (from 50 to 100 pieces per pack). Also available in pins and office sets containing various accessories.

Sticky notes

Designed for quick notes or jotting down the most important information that can always be in sight. Available in various colours and sizes. In the form of sticky notes or sticky tabs.

Office utensil bins

Made of aesthetically pleasing metal mesh in black. In the form of a cup, a multifunctional toolbox or a note box.


Silver or black classic office bins, made of metal mesh. 


  •  23.5 cm diameter x 27 cm high
  •  29.5 cm diameter x 34.5 cm high


Made of transparent rigid plastic and fitted with a clip. Dimensions: 87 x 53 mm.

File fasteners with plastic clip

15 cm long and 3.4 cm wide. Featuring a hole punch with an eyelet spacing of 6-8 cm, making it possible to insert them into a binder. Available in various colours, packed in 25 pieces or in a colour mix of 125 pieces.

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