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Boards, accessories and solutions for school, home and office.

MemoBe Idea

Products designed to enhance aesthetic and atmosphere of office interiors.
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We are MemoBe!


MemoBe is a brand whose idea is to explore the possibilities offered to users by its range of products. 
It was created for creative, courageous and open to change people, who see the possibility of self-expression even in seemingly standard products.


Our boards are manufactured in Poland. We pride ourselves on our high quality and our openness to customer requests. We have more than three decades of experience as a manufacturer, so we can call ourselves specialists in the production of visual communication and office products.

About products

In our offer you will find a wide range of wall boards and accessories necessary for their use and care, as well as a wide range of office products such as markers, highlighters, pens, correctors, drawing sets, etc.

MemoBe IDEA is a sub-brand that was created for people looking for a combination of design and functionality in the workspace. The brand includes two collections - EDGE and WOOD - each addressing different aesthetic and functional needs of users.

Things to consider

Partnering with us ensures a dynamic collaboration, combining innovation and expertise for mutual success.

production and distribution are located in Poland


boards of different type produced yearly

30 years

of experience on european markets

Hope to hear from you soon!

If you have any questions about our products, pricings or our production capabilities feel free to contact us.
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